Jae Semone grew up with a love for fashion. Her first introduction to style came from her mother, who herself enjoys fashion and style. Jae moved away from her deep Jamaican roots and Miami heritage and attended college in Atlanta, GA. While in college Jae dabbled in style and emerged herself in what's trending in women's fashion from the promenade to the runways of Paris and New York, Jae followed it all. As her passion and flair for style evolved so did her business prowess. Several years out of college, Jae focused on her degree. She worked very hard to hone her business accruement. The combination of her years in business and her passion for everything fabulous has led her to The Trinket Room and the J.Semone brand. A departure from most style ventures Trinket Room has a strong accessories base mixing Miami flavors with high fashion style. J.Semone is an upbeat, sexy and sophisticated take on women’s accessories. Jae Semone is proud to present, TheTrinketroom.com