Sharing My Passion for Quality Shoes

I recently sat down with Social Media maven and blogger Shantha Wetterhan, for a fashion article. She saw my extensive shoe collection on Instagram and asked me to sit down for a quick Q&A to talk about one of my most fav!

I have the goodies Here:

1.    When did your love for shoes begin?

I think my love for shoes started around middle school, at that time I loved sneakers and I probably owned every sneakers you can think of. Once I got to college it was unbearable. I was known as “the girl with the crazy shoes game.” And it’s like that even now.

2.    Do you remember the first time that you purchased high end shoes?

My first purchase was in college. I was in Nieman Marcus shopping with my parents. I purchased my very first Giuseppe Zanotti strappy wedges. I use to lovvvvveeee them!!!! I probably wore them with everything.

 3.    What do you like for in a great shoe?

I like shoes to have a unique look and/or great quality. You can tell when shoes are cheap looking and poor quality.

 4.    Do you ever sacrifice comfort for style?

Sometimes.  As I get older, I can’t handle it like I use too. So I have rules, if I am dancing all night, I will go for more comfort. If I am attending a nicer event, and requires being more dressy and sitting more, I would sacrifice the comfort.

 5.    Any advice for women who want to start expanding their shoe selection? 

My advice to women, who want to start expanding their shoe selection, is spending the money on classic shoes like pumps in basic colors. They will never go out of style. For the trendier styles, I would say look for sales, get a good deal. Whatever you do don’t buy cheap quality shoes, they hurt your feet and will break/tear apart after wearing few times. Which to me is a wasted of time.

 6.    How do shoes and jewelry tie in together?


Shoes and jewelry are considered accessories. You can have on something plain like all black and can dress it up or down by your accessories. Depending on your shoes and jewelry you can definitely make this outfit pop or not. So shoes and jewelry are always tied together and is very important to your outfit.

So, let us know about your shoe love? Do you have that fav pair of shoes that you've had for years and years, and they still look good? Leave a comment below:

Posted on December 8, 2014 .